without you, no Happening!

money talk!

50000 Euros
If we had this much money, we would be able to host an event where everyone gets paid, nobody has to pay an entrance fee and the food would be for free, too.
And no matter how idealisticly we calculate, even when you pay for entrance and food, and even if the people working don't get any fees, the magic number that just won't drop is
30000 Euro
Most of it (17000) goes into infrastructure, technichal equipment and build-ups without which there will not be happening anything. The Rest (13000) is spent ond travelling support, board and accomodation and the big "surprise" position if the lawn mower breaks just as we need to set up camp. Ideally we have all the money we need before the Happening because most bills come in before the Happening. Experience says that we can make 18000 Euros with entrance (15000) and gastronomy (3000). This leaves us with
12000 Euros
that we have to get from somewhere somehow. So we depend on all kinds of funding. If we make even more, we are planning to take a bit aside for the next Happening and spread the rest in a fair way amongst those who actually made it happen.

How is it to be done?

There are several ways to get the party started.

  1. Come over! On the 11th of November 2018 we will officially launch our Krautfunding campaign. Therefore we will get everything out of the house we can let go of and sell it to you in a great FLEAMARKET. It will also be a great chance to come and meet Schiphorst!

  2. For 2019 we will go even further with our concept of not spending more than what's there.
    This means: after the launch of the Krautfunding campaign we will bit by bit introduce you to the necessities like trash-container, PA, raw vegtables, full and empty gas bottles for drumming and cooking and so on. You will then have the opportunity to fund that stuff directly. If you are an environmentalist you might want to fund the composttoilet. You will be able to fund individually or as groups and every funder will get not only an appropriate infrastructure for the Happening, but a "funded by" sticker on the according object!

  3. If you are into gathering funds and want to support us, please join the organizing team! You know how to write applications for stuff like that, you're connected all over the place, you have some rich buddies?
    Write an email to

  4. Get your Ticket as early as possible.
    This will help us plan infrastructure according to people attending. You can actually start buying tickets NOW. Here are the prices:
    • Weekendticket: 85 EURO
    • Friday: 35 EURO
    • Saturday: 40 EURO
    • Sunday: 10 EURO
    If you do so please send your money with your FULL NAME, DAYS YOU WANT TO JOIN to the following bank- or paypalaccount:
    • Avantgarde Schiphorst e.V.
      IBAN: DE64 2305 2750 0000 6592 31
    • Paypal:
    write us an email, if for any reason you can't afford, we'll find a solution!

  5. As always and with much gratitude any amount will be happily accepted to be transferred to the bank account or paypal above!